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By the end of the week, the weatherman was reporting snowstorms expected to bring at least 2 feet of snow. I knew that Bill had planned on being back tonight, but when I checked my email, he had written that he'd been slowed down by the weather and wouldn't be back until tomorrow, if he was lucky. Since I worked a 4 1/2-day workweek, I got off at noon and headed out to the ranch to let Randy know that he might have to stay on a couple more days. Maybe I would get lucky and get some more of this fine stud! He definitely has a cock that needs lots of attention, and I have a need for hot sex! Great combination!

It was snowing by the time I left the office, the snow starting to blow across the road and build up drifts along the road. I drove carefully, not wanting to get stuck this far out of town and have to call someone. When I drove into the ranch, I could see that the weather was getting worse, but saw no sign of Randy. Just then he came around the corner of the barn riding Rusty, Bill's quarter horse. I got out and shouted to him, asking him "What's wrong?" He rode over to me, looking down, concern written on his face. "I got most of the cattle into the stockyard, but there's four or five more down in the gully that didn't come in with them. I have to ride out and drive them in."

"Wait, I'll saddle Ginger and ride with you," I yelled as I headed for the barn.

Without even thinking about what I was wearing, I saddled Ginger, mounted her, and led her out of the barn. As I swung up into the saddle, Randy smiled at me and said, "Just had to get in the saddle, didn't you, Joy." I laughed, remembering last fall and my education of pleasure in the saddle, and we headed out to the back pasture to bring them in. We had no problems getting them together and headed for the barn. By then the coldness was starting to seep into my bones. I had on my running shoes, which were getting colder and wetter by the second. Randy rode up beside me and told me to head on to the bunkhouse. He had the heater going and I could warm up while he put up the horses. He'd already spread the hay around for them (and the cattle) - and then he'd join me. Since my toes felt like they were freezing, I dismounted and led Ginger to her stall and headed for the warmth of his room.

Oh, it was so nice and warm here! I went to his kitchenette, heated some water to warm my feet, filled a pan, shed my coat and shoes and stuck in my feet to thaw them out. The way the wind was whipping around outside, it made the room seem colder so I pulled the blanket around my shoulders, huddled on the couch. A burst of cold air and snow blew into the room as Randy opened the door. His concern was obvious when he saw me soaking my feet. He removed his coat, throwing it on a chair, and knelt down in front of me. His hands dipped into the water to start rubbing my feet and get the circulation going again. Oh, his hands felt so nice, the roughness stimulating my feet and warming my whole body. All the nerves end in your feet, and Randy was unconsciously moving his hands over each and every one! A small mewling sound escaped my lips as he moved his fingers between my toes. He looked up, saw my flushed face, and his concern turned into a smile.

"You look much better already! I must be doing something right!"

"Oh, you are," I breathed, "you have no idea what you're doing, do you?"

"Well," he said, "I know that you're enjoying this. And I can see that your face is flushed. I also hear that sexy, sultry tone you use when you're getting turned on...."

I smiled and asked him to continue, to be firm, to rub around my ankles, the arch of my foot, and then up between my toes. And if he would, to take them into his mouth and suck on them. I brushed the blanket off my shoulders and started unbuttoning my blouse. Suddenly it was becoming nice and warm in the room and I needed to show him what affect he was having on my nipples. They were already hard and aching for attention as I slipped off my blouse and bra, my big tits jutting out, the nipples hard as rocks. My hands rounded them and I squeezed them both as his mouth descended on my toes. His tongue encircled the little one, around and between.

He sucked it into his mouth and then moved on to the next one, each time moving his tongue around it, in between and sucking on it. As he moved to my big toe my excitement was building, my ass grinding into the sofa, my hands pinching and pulling on my nipples. I was so hot, his mouth felt like a fire as he licked and sucked. Still he continued, putting one foot back into the water and lifting the other one out, rubbing it and then putting it into his mouth, starting with the little toe. I could feel my panties getting wet, the juices flowing freely. As he at last took my big toe into his mouth to suck on it, he looked up at me. He knew I was hot and horny and ready for his big tool to stir my honey pot.

He stood up and started undressing. I asked him to do it slowly, teasingly, give me a show, all the time, still playing with my breasts, teasing the nipples. His shirt opened and I could see his smooth chest, the rippling muscles as he flexed them to take off his shirt. It dropped on the floor and he reached for his belt, slowly opening his pants. He grinned as he watched my face, my tongue licking my lips, looking at his hands, slowly and carefully unzipping his pants. I could see that his big cock had already swollen and filled out his jeans.

He sat down on the floor and pulled off his boots and then stood again to continue undressing. His hips moved forward suggestively, around, shoving his manhood against its confinement. His hand went to the waistband of his jeans as he started to lower them. I could see his red briefs as he slowly stripped off his jeans. As he leaned over, he turned around and moved closer toward me, his tight firm ass in my face. He straddled my legs as he lifted my feet out of the water and toweled them off. My hands cupped his cheeks and squeezed. He moved the tub out of the way and turned around, now standing directly in front of me. My eyes were glued to his bulge as he started to lower his briefs and his big huge cock bounced out, standing up and ready.

I leaned back on the couch as he moved forward, aiming directly at my face. I leaned forward and licked the pre-cum off the head, sliding my tongue around him, drawing him into my mouth. He moaned and pulled back, moving his cock down to rub them on my breasts, all over them, the tip of his dick against my nipples. I squeezed them together as he moved back and forth, one to the other and down my deep cleavage. He forced me to lay back on the couch as he straddled my chest, pressing my tits together, running his dick into my cleavage. I opened my mouth as he moved forward, licking the tip of him. His ass started moving faster as I grabbed it and pushed him further into my mouth, him fucking my tits and into my mouth. He started moaning and I could feel his cock getting even bigger as he started to explode, ramming it between my tits, spraying my neck and face with his load of cum and I felt my panties fill as we both came, our bodies trembling.

I rubbed his cum into my tits and over my chest. Randy moved back, his cock still half hard. He leaned forward and kissed me deeply, our tongues dancing and exploring. His mouth moved down to my neck and I guided him to the erotic spot on the left side. He sucked on me and licked my neck, tasting his own cum that had run down my neck. Then he slid down my body, slowly licking me, to my waist, and pulling down my pants. He grabbed them and jerked them off, his once again hard cock dangling between my legs. He leaned down to lick around my lace panties, his tongue teasing me through the silk. His fingers slid under the edge and he felt my wetness, soaking into them. His thumb moved up to rub my clit and around it.

"Take them off! Please!! I need you in me!" He pulled them down over my legs and I opened them, spreading them wide, waiting for his hard cock to enter me, to fill me. His cock shoved into me hard and deep. Oh God, so full, so hard. "Harder, harder" I yelled as he pounded into me, my tits bouncing. He leaned forward and started sucking my nipples, massaging my tits, still hammering into me. My hips moved in rhythm with him, thrusting up with each stroke, climbing higher, faster, harder! My orgasm ripped through me as his cum filled up my pussy and flowed out, down the crack of my ass. Spent and sated, we lay there, wrapped together and fell asleep.

We woke to the sound of pounding on the door. Randy got up off me and peeked out the window but said all he could see was snow. I got up to look and could see that we were in the middle of a blizzard. You couldn't even see my car, which was only 6' from the door. We pulled on our clothes and Randy opened the door to see who had found their way in this weather...

To Be Continued...
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