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So here I was, just another normal night at the Tumble on Inn. It was a quaint little bar in a quiet part of the city, one with hotel rooms that couples could rent should they chose to stay the night with one another. However, I was never one of them, just a regular from the neighborhood that came in for a few after a long day at the office.

As usual, I took my seat in one of the dusty, red stools at the end of the bar. It had been a long day and it had taken a toll on my stress level. I let down my long chestnut hair and gave a sigh of relief that the day was over as Jose, the usual bartender, walked over to pour my usual whiskey old fashioned.

"Long day, huh?" He asked with his light ethnic accent.

"Could have always been worse" I replied with a slight smile.

It was nice coming here, as I had been almost four nights a week for the past year or so. Jose and I have come to know each other pretty well. He was 42, divorced and always ready to lend his ear out when I needed it. He had always commented on why a woman of 26 could live solely on work and no play. I always just laughed him off with my sexy slanted grin and pretended to think lightly of his enticing gestures. Up until tonight, I had never thought things would have gone that far.

I looked around the smoky bar as I sipped the end of my first drink. Jose was right there, as usual, to pour me another strong one. Now, I had never been with an older man before. I mean, the thought had crossed my mind and all, I just never thought of actually going through with it. I watched Jose closely as he fixed my next drink.

"Terri, how is that a beautiful young women as yourself can come in here four nights out of the week and still have time to get laid?" Jose sneered as he made his sly remark.

" I am not sure how much of my sex life is any of your business there mister", I replied coolly.

I noticed as he placed the drink on the brightly colored napkin in front of me how steady his hand was on the glass. His thick fingertips slid to the rim and hesitated before finally letting go. I had never noticed how smooth and sexy his slow, thought out movements were.

The night went on, the drinks got stronger, and the idea of being with an older man became overwhelmingly enticing. Here I was 26 , beautiful, and haven't had my pussy played with by someone other than myself in over a year. I said to hell with it, why not change that, right here, right now.

"Hey Jose, I have twenty minutes before bar close, you think I can fit in a few more songs on the old jukebox?" I said as I laid my hands on the top of the music machine and stuck my ass out just far enough so he could glimpse at my red silk panties beneath my short black skirt.

"W-Well of course you can Terri, there is always time for you, you know that!" he stammered.

"And is it true what you say", half in a drunken haze I peeked around the bar to make sure that we were alone.

"Is it true that there is always time for me?" I crept over from the jukebox to the edge of the bar where he was standing; slowly unbuttoning my low-cut blouse I had worn to work that day.

"Terri, what are you doing?" Jose asked with a slight smile teasing the corners of his sensual lips.

"What you have always wanted me to do Jose. Isn't this what you have been waiting for? I asked as I slipped the smooth fabric of my shirt over my sexy sleek shoulders, exposing my flat tummy and flaming red bra.

I sauntered over to the space where you can enter the back of the bar. Putting my foot up on to the nearest barstool, I gave Jose a peep at my red panties that covered my moistening pussy, waiting for his response.

"A-Are you sure this is what you want?" Jose moved over to where I was standing.

"Well, no," I replied. "This is what I have been thinking of all night", and I reached my skilled hand up and down the size of his member through his stiff jeans. I could feel his excitement start to grow in my strengthening hand.

With that he moved his strong hands up to the back of my neck and pulled me closer. His chiseled body up against my swelling nipples made me sigh as he took me into his arms. His hot, watering mouth began to search for my lilac scented skin and found it right at the base of my neck. Gently sucking at bighting at my nape, he moved his large rough hand up the back of my thighs just to meet my fleshy round ass cheeks and then back down. I was nearly overwhelmed with excitement.

My hands explored the unknown areas of his chest and tight stomach. His sensuous kisses had started to move below, my neckline and down to my round firm tits. He flicked my erect nipple through the thin lacey material of my bra and then quickly, but calmly reached around to undo the clasp. I could feel my pussy gush with anticipation as his blistering hot tongue met my firm young titties. He circled my nipple with his tongue; I had to hold back my urge to cry out when he bit down, hard.

My slim firm body began to gyrate slightly to this lust-craved dance we had begun. As his experienced tongue was playing with my tits, he ran his steady hand down to my downy mound that was hiding under the red panties he had seen beneath my skirt just a moment earlier. He traced my lips through the satin material ever so slowly with his forefinger, followed by a slightly more pressured middle finger.

His passionate kisses began to trail down my silky belly, hesitating a bit near my jeweled navel and then pursued to the top edge of my panties. I began to breathe heavily as his hands moved from my soft bosoms down and around to grasp the backs of my thighs. With his teeth he began to pull the panties over my widened hips using his tongue to dampen the untouched skin he revealed. After rustling my undies past my thick milky thighs, he began to work his magic.

The strong grasp he kept on the back of my thighs tightened as he used the firm tip of his tongue to run up and down the outside of my juicy slit. My throat began to produce low guttural moans when he started to push his thick tongue deeper into my drenching wet pussy. He flicked his tongue on either side of my throbbing, hard clit as he pulled one hand around to stuff two of his fingers into the depths of my tight, slick beaver. I writhed and moaned louder when his wriggling tongue reached the center of my ecstasy, using his tongue simultaneously with his thick pumping fingers. I reached my slender hands to forcefully grab at the dark wavy hair on the back of his head…

"I need you to fuck me, NOW!", I screeched as I pulled on his busy mouth away from my steamy hole.

As he stood up, he grabbed tightly at my hips to spin me around, then pushed me over the one the dusty old bar stools. I could feel his thick cock prodding at my ass cheeks as he took his leveraged stance behind me. I lifted my leg and rested my foot on the first rung of the barstool, which spread my fleshy ass cheeks, exposing my pink asshole.

With one had grasping my tiny bent waistline, Jose slid his huge dick over the outside of my pink contents to lube it up. My hips began to rock back and forth to aid in the pressure to the outskirts of my heaving clit. I felt my blanket of silky skin begin to tingle with the anticipation of him ripping into my steamy, hot pussyhole.

Just when I thought I could not go one more second without the feeling of him inside me, he jammed his long thick cock right in. He cried out, half in pleasure, half in pain from the tightness of my soft snatch. He began to pump at my pussy long and hard, just the way I liked it. I could feel every thick inch of his rock hard barrel stabbing deep into my long waiting pussy.

"Oh, yea!" I cried out.

"You like the way I fuck you, don't you Terri?" Jose gasped between breaths.

He grabbed one of my hands from his tightened ass and stuffed it down to my rocking pussy. I took the notion and went with it. While his iron dick pumped away hard at my little pussy, I found my stiffened clit and used my fingertips to manipulate the hot button. As his hard strokes increased, I began rubbing at my clit furiously. Just as my body began to electrify, he stopped and flipped me around to face him and his throbbing, hot glory.


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