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Ever since my ex-wife moved out of the house (I got the house and the dog and she got almost everything else) I have been going to garage sales. It is a great way to rebuild, and an even better way to meet people. One Thursday, I had an unexpected day off, so I stopped at a house, just a couple blocks from my own, with a Garage Sale sign out front. I found a few kitchen items, and handed the money to the two attractive women sitting at a card table. They appeared to be in their early 40's and one spotted the white band on my otherwise tanned left hand. The blue-eyed blonde smiled and said to her brown-eyed friend " Hmmm... looks like someone is starting over ".

I had just turned 58, and a woman in her 40's is mature enough to be interesting and still young enough to be exciting, so I said " yes, but I am learning that being pleasantly single again does require learning a few new tricks and finding ways to replace old habits. "

In that half-darkened garage, those brown eyes just locked on to mine and after an awkward silence, I heard her say, " it always goes better if you have a teacher."

That was when I noticed that her left hand was also bare. Then she blushed, and her friend said " Susan, maybe the gentlemen would be interested in some of the furniture that we didn't have time to haul out into the garage. " Then her friend smiled and added " take your time, if you are not back by 5, I'll just lock up

Thinking that this might be an opportunity that does not happen very often, I said " well, yes, I did lose about half of the furniture in the settlement."

A few more people had arrived and Susan said " follow the walk around the side of the house, and I'll meet you at the front door. No sooner had I gotten inside than she reached up and wrapped her arms around my neck and our lips met, our mouths opened and our tongues danced.

When we game up for air, she whispered " I think there is a bed in the guestroom that might interest you." She took my hand and led me down the hall, and said. " When our son started playing the drums, we sound proofed the walls and put in triple pane windows. We won't disturb anyone back here. " We kissed again behind the locked door and then she broke free, pulled up her skirt, and hooked her thumbs on the waist band of her panties and fell back on the bed.

She purred " we can play later... I want you inside me NOW. " When she raised her legs straight up and her panties were nearly to her knees, I saw the shaved lips of her vagina, right above the brown eye. They were beautifully framed by the heart shaped globes of her thighs that extended up to her delicately curved legs. I kicked off my shoes, and clawed at the button on my shorts. Barely before the shorts had hit the floor, I was on top of her and sunk my shaft into the hot chamber that had been loosened by several childbirths. She wrapped her legs around my waist and we began to thrust at each other.

After several minutes, we both knew that this fit of lust was going to stop before the whistles blew and the earth moved. Her vagina had opened to accommodate my average sized penis and then a little more, so the nerves in my lower back were more alive than those on my shaft. Her juices had not begun to flow, and I could tell that she was feeling pain too. Neither of us wanted to be the first to stop, but finally she said " ouch... the buckle on my skirt is digging in to my tummy... Can we stop a moment".

I rolled off of her and said " how about a shower".

We undressed and then under the warm spray we started to explore each other's body. I sucked on her brown nipples while my hands fondled her butt. When my soapy finger started to enter her puckered brown eye, she raked her fingernails across my back and bit my ear lobe. We managed to get out of the shower, but then I picked her up and put her butt in the sink.

She whispered " not here honey, the bed is more comfortable, and I might need to scream before this is over ". After a mutual caressing with fluffy towels, we dashed back down the hall and behind the locked door. I laid her down, and starting with her forehead, I slowly kissed my way down her body stopping again, at her brown nipples, and then slowly on my path to the sweet spot between her legs.

She pulled her knees up, and I stated to lick the sensitive spot between the vagina and the rectum. A loud growl came out of her mouth and although the was now clamping my ears between her thighs, I heard her say " Hmmm... I thought I was supposed to be the teacher ".

I gently parted her knees, and said " just relax, you will get your turn ". I went back to sliding my tongue upwards, parting her lips so I could enter the opening, and then farther up until I met face to face with the little man in the boat. I sucked, and licked, and listened until her panting gave way to growls. I probed by finger deep into the love tunnel, and just as she started to buck, I slipped a wet finger into the brown eye. I am not sure if the scream was a loud as the sounds of the drums that room was designed to contain, but for a moment I prayed that no one was calling the police. When she relaxed again, I noticed that the lips had puffed up and that her opening was now dripping with sweet smelling goop that reminded me of anchovies, only milder.

She sat up, and said " get over here, it is my turn." As I lay on my back, she found that spot just above my brown eye, and she drew lazy circles around it with just the tip of here little finger while the rest of her hand fondled my balls.

I looked down, and said " as long as you are down there, you might notice a couple scars where the peter plumber went in to disconnect my sperm ducts ".

She said " I was wondering about that earlier but at the moment it did not seem important enough to stop and ask. Is there anything else I need to know?"

"No" I said, " I was with the same woman for 30 years and have been very careful ever since. And you?? " She had inhaled my penis into her mouth, so all I heard was " same here ".

After a few moments of sucking and licking that just about sent me over the edge, I gently lifted her head and said " I think we have a winning combination.. A hard shaft and a wet tight pussy.. about time to try again".

Susan just smiled and got up. She put one knee on each side of my hips and with a firm grip on my shaft, she slowly impaled herself. I pulled her forward enough to suck her breast, and then reached down to gently cup those rounded globes that I had seen for the first time no more than a hour ago. She started to rock back and forth on her knees, and although I tried to be still, I could not prevent myself from meeting her thrust for thrust. This time, her grip on my shaft was tighter than I would have dared if I were using my hand. Her juices kept flowing and the short but oh so wonderful trip up and down my shaft was bringing a mixture of pleasure and pain that I had not experienced in many months. The pressure started to grow deep in my pelvis and slowly I could feel the semen traveling up and finally after a few involuntary jerks out into the dark warm world that would be called Susan's Place of Pleasure. My head buzzed, and when she saw that I had finished, she fell forward on my chest. If this was just a story, I could say that we both came at the same time. But the truth is almost as good because although my penis was out of the game, she was still grinding her mound against my pelvic bone. As soon as her body started to shake, I slipped a finger into her brown eye and turned my head just as she screamed into my ear again.

We lay in each others arms for awhile, and then after a long kiss, we dressed and Susan went out the back door as I went out the front. Not until I got home did I realize that I had left the kitchen items I had bought on that card table. The next morning, on the way to work I stopped at the house and was shocked to see a moving van being loaded. When I got out of my car, Susan's friend, the blue eyed blonde, came out of the house next door and waved to me.

I said " what's going on, is Susan here?"

She smiled and said " Hi. My name is Carol, Susan left this morning for the Philippines." Carol went on to explain that after Susan's divorce, she decided to sell the house and volunteer at a mission school for a year. Most of her stuff will go into storage, but they decided to arrange a garage sale in hopes that they might find someone to give her a nice send off. Then Carol smiled and said " You were my going away gift to Susan, but I am glad you came back, because she told me what happened, and now I am a little jealous. Got time for a cup of coffee?" That was when I noticed that Carol's fingers were also bare... But that is another story.

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