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Today is her birthday and Tim has waited a long time for this surprise. He intends to make this a birthday to remember. All day long he has been planning and preparing things for their special night. The picnic basket is packed with a lovely bottle of wine, cheese, crackers, fruit and her favorite chocolates. Tim remembered the chocolates, the little smooth ones that melt so delicately in your mouth. The blanket is ready too, down filled and so soft and thick; the perfect blanket to lie upon under the stars. Smiling to himself he puts the birthday preparations in the car and decides it is time to pick her up.

Vanessa is a strong, independent woman. This water cooler affair has been leading up to an explosion for several months. She has been the aggressor, sending Tim the messages of a sensual, provocative woman. Their affair has been mapped out for awhile, tempting their minds and bodies. He has let her take the lead in all of their discreet little moments together, but has decided it is time to take matters into his own hands. Both of them are ready for the next step in their relationship, just waiting to see who will make the definite first move. The die was cast, the table set when he asked her to dinner yesterday. Tim has been thinking about this night and all that it entails for weeks.

She knows he's married, she cares, but she doesn't. All her life Vanessa has gone after what she desires and this desire for Tim is no different. Working her way up to this executive position has been difficult and laced with its own set of problems. She is at the top now and happy, but there is an excitement lacking in her every day life and she needs adventure and desire and passion to fill her emptiness. Vanessa didn't think he would ever make the move to ask her out, she was prepared to make the move herself, and suddenly yesterday he asked her to dinner.

The date falling on her birthday never occurred to her. She knew she was ready for this experience. Every time she spoke to him, stood near him, brushed him in the office aisle, she knew. Sparks flew every time they innocently touched each other, and lately she had thrown caution to the wind and found ways to touch Tim. At the elevator, in the copy room, passing the water cooler; it's funny how people react to the water cooler, how they stand and talk and pass a few moments together. Reaching out to brush his hand as he reaches for a cup; watching his face as she brings her own cup to her lips to drink. Noticing that his eyes linger on those lips for just a few seconds longer than they should. Vanessa is aware of her sexual power and in tune with her body; she knows just how to move to entice a man.

Tim knows he's playing a dangerous game with Vanessa, and in his mind he understands that there may be consequences, but damn the consequences. He doesn't think he has ever wanted a woman as badly. She has tempted him to the point of torture and the time has come to sate his desire for her. He is afraid he will not be able to get enough of her luscious body, he thinks about her night and day. Waking in the middle of the night with his body aching to feel her beside him; there is no doubt that she wants him, she has made that clear. Just thinking about her makes him hard and ready to feel her beneath him, on top of him, wrapped all around him. Torture does not come anywhere close to the feelings she ignites within his body and mind. Vanessa's strength and determination have been like an aphrodisiac to his entire being. He wants to find her vulnerability, she must have one, something that he hasn't seen or heard in her.

Vanessa has spent the day halfheartedly doing her work, she is aware that she has been preoccupied with thoughts of the man that her body desires. In her mind she can see the two of them naked and entwined in a passionate embrace; Hands and lips wandering quickly and urgently along each other. Waiting for this has made the longing to touch him even stronger than she thought possible. Pleasure awaits them tonight and she intends to take full advantage of Tim's willing body. Her thoughts are on all the places on his body she longs to touch, kiss, taste and feel upon her own skin. "I know what I want and I know how to get it." Startled, Vanessa realizes she has said these words to herself, out loud.

Smiling slyly at her outburst, she feels her hands go to her hips as if they have a will of their own. Running her hands across her buttocks she imagines Tim's there and sighs deep in her throat. "Oh yes, my man I have plans for your luscious body tonight."

Smiling to herself at this statement, she walks to the window to look out on the fading day, knowing that he will soon be here.

Traffic is horrible, he thinks to himself. I have to get there, I have to see her, inhale her scent, touch her, hold her body next to mine and make love to her. Tim is aching with need for Vanessa. Forcing himself to go slowly and make it to her safely, he thinks about this woman that has put desire and need back into his life. She is aggressive, determined, willful, exotic, strong and beautiful. Vanessa is all the things in life that Tim is. Sensuality comes from within her and blazes uncontrollably. He wonders if she is aware of her raw sexuality, she must be as she wields it like a majestic banner; A banner which reads, Passion, Desire, Mystery, Control, Heat and Destiny.

Tim understands that there is no turning back, this is the woman he has desired all of his life. Determination sends him forward to her, bringing them closer with each moment.

Vanessa is not a vain woman, but she takes pride in her physical beauty. Hair that is long and silky soft, blonde waves upon waves; she moves her head and sees her reflection in the wall mirror that encompasses one wall of her office; A tool that she finds quite effective in dealing with clients. They are able to see themselves as well as her when they interact on a business meeting. She gazes at her form in the mirror and smiles with satisfaction, she has been dressing the part of an executive for years, but Vanessa pulls it off with style, grace and an understated sensuality.

Some would say hers is a classic beauty, but there is more to it than what meets the eye. Warmth, charm and an animal quality comes across when she walks into a room. Soft, smooth evenly toned skin, glows with the beauty that comes from within the woman. All woman, she looks at her breasts, small, pert and perfectly shape, no need for a bra, yet propriety demands one. The one she is wearing now made of silk and lace.

Strong, Sexy and alluring, are the words that come to mind when a man lays eyes upon Vanessa. She slowly runs her hands across her breasts and feels her nipples react, thinking to herself that only one other touch could feel better. Tim, the light of desire lights in her eyes as she thinks of him, knows that soon he will be here. She wonders what he has in mind for them this evening. He told her casual and easy, and so it will be.

Tim pulls into the office parking deck and looks at his watch, only moments to spare as he turns off the ignition of the car. She will be down soon; they are meeting in the lobby of the office complex. He can feel his pulse rise as he walks to the elevator. Almost time, almost on his way to ecstasy. These feelings are tearing him apart and he wants only to fulfill the desire and passion burning in his body and mind. Their time has come and he intends to make the most of the opportunity fate has given him. He can feel the blood beating in his veins and the waiting to see her is almost a sweet torture.

Looking at her watch, Vanessa sees that it is 6:30, time to meet him. Time to fulfill the longing she feels tingling in her body. Hours of pleasure await her a few floors down and she has made a date with destiny. Glancing once again in the mirror, she takes stock of her image. From her handbag she takes a small bottle of perfume and dabs little dots behind her ears, between her breasts and on her wrists. Breathing in the scent that she knows he is so fond of. Sex in a bottle should be the name; she thinks and laughs to herself. Bending down she lifts her pants leg and touches the skin unencumbered by hose to feel the silky smoothness. Yes she is ready to meet him, body, mind and soul.

Tim is waiting in the lobby for the elevator to bring her down to him. He is waiting as patiently as his body will allow, but it seems to be taking a lifetime. Glancing at the numbers in red above the elevator door he sees that it is descending. With eyes filled with longing he watches as the door opens and his breath catches in his throat at the sight of Vanessa walking out.

She is dressed to kill, long, blonde hair swaying as her legs bring her to him. He notices the slight smile playing on her luscious lips, and the fact that she has opened the top two buttons on her blouse does not escape his notice. He can see the outline of her breasts underneath the silk. Help me, he thinks, she has removed her bra on the way down and her nipples are at full attention pressing against the soft fabric of her blouse. Tim licks his lips in anticipation and it does not go unnoticed by Vanessa's searching, sexy green eyes. Her smile deepens as she looks at Tim. In return he smiles at her under hooded eyes.

They walk to each other with those sexy, warm smiles on their faces. As he reaches her she raises a hand to his face not caring if anyone notices the easy caress. Vanessa runs her fingers across his cheek and stops at his lips. Tim looks into her lovely green eyes and gently kisses the tip of her fingers. Wrapping his warm, moist lips around one and drawing it into his mouth.

Vanessa's smile deepens as she feels the heat coming from his sexually charged tense body. The interaction lasts only seconds but it is all the fuel needed to spur them both into action.

At this point there are few words and actually no needs for them as their bodies are doing all the communicating that is necessary. Walking hand in hand to Tim's car they can feel the tension mounting. He walks to the passenger side of the car with her and opens the door. A little surprised by this courteous gesture, Vanessa turns to enter the car and finds herself in a pair of strong manly arms.

Eagerly she folds herself into him and they embrace fully for the first time. Feeling each others heat flowing from body to body. Tim lowers his head to her silky hair and breathes in the scent he has longed for. Woman, pure and simple, the fragrance of her perfume fills his senses and his body reacts vividly to the intimacy. She wraps her arms around him and feels the muscles in his back tense under her questing fingers. This is what passion feels like, this is what the ages have meant for a man and woman to find.

Tim brings his lips to her face and places soft, sensual kisses across her cheeks, brow, and chin and finds her lips at last. The kisses are gentle, lips searching; he takes her lips, slowly but filled with need. He can feel his own pulse quicken as she responds to his kiss. Mouth on mouth, Vanessa opens to him and they find each others tongue. Playing the mating game, their bodies pressed tightly together they find each other. His hands stray to her back and pulls her closer into his own, and she can feel his need for her. This feeling gives her a wonderful feeling of power and she wants him beyond reason. Vanessa grinds her own body closer to him and hears his intake of breath. Their hands cannot be still, they are searching, finding all the places that have been hidden to them for long weeks. The night moves on.

Slowly, with great hesitation Tim pulls back from this sexual feline, he knows that the evening must progress or he will surely lose his mind. Loosening himself from her embrace is terrible, but the night is young and he is ready to move to the next level. Vanessa folds her body into the car and he closes the door. Climbing into the car, Tim gazes at her longingly and she returns his stare. Both of them smile and he starts the car.

He watches her from the corner of his eye and notices that she is taking off the jacket that covers the lovely silk blouse she is wearing underneath. From his vantage point he can see the outline of her dark nipples pressed against the flimsy fabric. She leans forward to ease the jacket off her arms and her small, firm breasts press against the cloth. The site is tantalizing to Tim and he wishes he did not have to pay attention to the evening traffic.

He reaches to turn on the radio, maybe to distract him just a little from this captivating woman seated beside him. Smooth, soft sounds flow from the speakers surrounding them, a nice little station that plays all the older easy rock, the songs from their younger years. Music that touches the mind as well as body. "Love, Love, Love she gives me crazy love........" the sexy voice of Aaron Neville sings to them and Vanessa leans her head back, closes those lovely eyes and moves her body sensuously to the music. Slight lithe moves that only suggest the power she actually wields over herself. "I can hear her heartbeat, from a thousand miles, and the heavens open up every time she smiles, and when I come to her, that is where I belong and I am runnin through her like a rivers song........" Words from a simple song, amazing how much they can touch the souls of these two lovers.

Vanessa's mind is moving slowly in time to the music she is hearing and her body if fully awake, she can feel the sensations moving through her in time to the melody that is surrounding them from the speakers. Without realizing the action, she runs her pink tongue over lips that long to kiss this man, over his entire body. Plans of her own are taking action in her mind. Oh yes, she will taste him before the night is over. Thinking of her mouth teasing his willing body brings a smile of satisfaction to those lovely lips. Tim watches as these emotions play across her face and is tempted to stop the car and immerse himself in this woman.

The drive seems to be taking forever, slow torture as he sits this closely to her and realizes he has to pay at least some attention to their route and destination. Tim has waited patiently for this night and a few more moments won't destroy him, but it is tempting fate as he catches glimpses of her. She has made no move to touch him since they entered the car, and yet she hasn't had to. Her body language says all that needs to be said.

A few more miles, and the sun starts its descent in the sky and Tim finds his turn, the path to intimacy. Vanessa feels the turn he has made and opens her sexy bedroom eyes to look at her surroundings. He has chosen the less beaten path, the road winds through the trees on each side of them and the light falling there is soft and muted. Time is working with Tim as he drives slowly toward the end of this private little road. He pulls the car into a secluded little area and the landscape becomes even more beautiful. Gently rolling fields of green meet a sandy private beach. The waves of the salty ocean lap easily against the warm golden sand. The evening is perfect for the lovemaking to come, light cool breezes flowing over the beach, scents of the ocean to tease them. Perfect, time, place and emotions.

Pulling the car into a small, graveled area, Tim opens his door and readily moves into action. He has waited long enough, his eyes beg to see her, and all of her and their time has come to unveil what is hidden beneath the clothes that cover them. He walks to her door and opens it, reaching out to take her hand; he pulls her willing form from the confines of the car. She stretches her lithe body to him and once again they are standing together. She leans her head back to look up at him and smiles. Tim reaches out a hand to gently touch her hair and she lays her head into his hand. Sighing, he breathes her in. Quietly he moves with her to the trunk of his car and starts taking out his preparations for this night. Vanessa stands beside him watching as this sexy man sets the scene for her. She slips out of her shoes and tosses them in the trunk, this does not go unnoticed.

Tim removes the basket and blanket from the car and takes her hand, together they walk toward the beach. Listening, smelling, feeling the electricity flowing between them. She can feel the soft grass beneath her feet as they walk and it gives her a sense of nature and freedom. He has chosen well, he is going to touch the natural part of her tonight. The part of each one of us that goes back millions of years to a time when the mating ritual was more earth bound. Letting his hold on her go for long enough to lay out his plans, Tim spreads the thick down filled blanket upon the warm sand. Placing the basket close by, he removes the bottle of chilled wine, chosen with care to please the taste and senses. Wine glasses, containers of cheese, crackers, little cubes of smoked meats, grapes, slices of apples, red ripe strawberries and the chocolates he knows she loves so well. Vanessa's eyes watch him as he lays out their feast and revels in the time and thought he has put into this adventure. Lastly, but by no means least, he places a small stereo beside the blanket and starts a melody of songs he has prepared just for this occasion.

Tim wants to see her, and she wants to see him. Their time together has only just begun but the first thing on both of their minds is what the eyes long to see. He steps toward her and bringing his mouth to her ear he whispers, "May I?" as his hands go to the buttons of her blouse. She simply nods her head, yes, and he begins the journey of undressing her.

With fingers that tremble slightly, he unbuttons her blouse; she stands before him unmoving as he pulls the soft silk apart to gaze upon her. The sun is giving them just the wanted time to see each other for the first time. Slowly, he smoothes the fabric from her and looks upon her wonderful exposed skin. His hands long to touch her, his lips to taste her, but he will not rush this moment. Bending to his knees in front of her, he allows himself a short moment of bliss as he brings his mouth to her belly. Vanessa arches her back into this sweet kiss and longs for more.

Soft, sensual sounds come from the stereo as Tim's hands move to the waist line of her pants and find the small zipper that will lead him to heaven. He slowly, with great care lowers her final garment to her feet and stares in amazement at the naked beauty standing before him. No panties either, nothing to hide her from his gaze, he stands and looks upon her body; he admires Smooth, satiny, female curves.

Completely hair free, she stands brazenly before him and watches the reactions play across his face and body. He is tense, and in awe of the raw sexuality standing before him. Gracefully she turns and gives him the full view of her entire body. She knows she is enticing him, and in this awareness she feels her true power. Tim stands and watches as this lovely creature turns once again toward him, reveling in the bliss she is aware she is invoking within him.

Vanessa wordlessly moves closer to him and begins the process of freeing Tim's body from his clothing. Small hands play with the buttons on his shirt, and she sways gently in time to the music she hears. She is fully aware of the play of her body and is intoxicated by the desire burning in his eyes as her hands unbutton his shirt. Vanessa is not giving Tim the same luxury of restraining her hands as she undresses him. She deliberately scrapes her nails across the matted chest as she removes his shirt. Allowing herself to touch him as she has longed to do for eternity it seems. His sharply in drawn breath only makes her bolder, and her fingers find the waistline of his pants. Teasing his belly with her finger tips she takes her time with the button there, and finally the zipper. She kneels in front of him to afford him the same courtesy of lowering his pants from his legs. Teasing, light fingers following the pants to the blanket; her hands move down his legs and feels the muscles tense and tighten.

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