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4:30 A.M.

"What a terrible time to get up," I thought as I slipped quietly out of bed, "but the best time to run." I quietly dressed in my shorts and T-shirt, then tip-toed out of the bedroom. No sense in waking Suzi up, it had been too hard for her to fall asleep last night.

After my warm-ups and stretching, I was on the road, pounding out my five kilometers to keep myself in shape. Running is a good time to think, and I had a lot to think about.

Suzi had moved in with me about three months ago, and everyday since we had grown closer. Things that had been old and mundane became new and exciting. Of course, much of that was life experience, since I am 47 years old and she is less than half, only 22 years old.

The trouble was, one of Suzi's dreams was to have children, and I had a vasectomy after my son, Ben, was born, 22 years ago. She fell for me anyway, and was willing to live sans children. Out of love I had told her we could look into adopting as a way to have a family.

Every adoption agency turned us down flat. We told them we would be married. We told them how much money we make. We touched every base, we dotted every "I" and crossed every "T", we promised them everything. Every one of them turned us down. The worst thing was, it was my fault. I was too old. We received the final rejection yesterday.

I held her in my arms for over an hour last night while she cried. I didn't say a word. I couldn't. What is there to say when you're the answer to one of her dreams and the reason she couldn't have the other one? The perfect conflict, full happiness and complete disappointment.

When I checked with my doctor, she told me too much time had elapsed to be able to reverse the old operation.

There was only one option. An option that made me sick to my stomach. An option that might break us apart if I did no more than suggest it. The option that would give my love her heart's desire, might make her turn away from me, or me from her.

An anonymous sperm donor. Someone to make her pregnant, then go away and never, ever come back.

Could I stand by and let that happen? No! I knew it wasn't me. Never had been, never will be. But if I really loved her, I had to swallow my pride and give her the choice. It's better to let her know I care than have her ever think I'm hard hearted.

Finishing my run and started my cool down, I made my decision. Tonight. I would, as tactfully as possible, raise the subject tonight. It won't be made any easier by waiting.

Morning routine provided a welcome respite from thinking. Make the coffee, set the table for breakfast, get out the food, start plans for a romantic dinner so we could have a talk.

Suzi came into the kitchen at six o'clock looking sleepy, rumpled, and adorable. All my firm resolve disappeared. How could I even think such a thing? On the other hand...

Our work time flew by. The combination of challenging work and good company made the day pass quickly. (Suzi and I work together as partners, see Ch. 1). We were soon on our way home. I suggested we eat out, since neither of us is a good cook. Suzi quickly agreed and we decided to eat Italian that night. We went home, cleaned up and were soon off to Luigi's.

I had only water with dinner, because I was driving, but I encouraged Suzi to have wine. Neither of us drink much, but we both know Suzi gets more, shall we say, amorous, when she's had wine. She suspected I had plans for her, so she willingly has three glasses. I tried twice to bring the subject up, but wasn't able to. I decided maybe in bed that night.

Suzi was indeed tipsy from the wine. She hung on my arm as we left the restaurant, walking close and rubbing my arm with her tits. When we were in the car, she leaned against me and ran her hand up my leg and caressed my cock. Then she grabbed my hand and put it into her crotch. I rubbed her a few times, then put my hand back on the wheel. I left her hand where it was. After all, it wasn't unsafe.

No sooner had I parked the car in the garage than Suzi had my pants unzipped and my dick in her mouth. She had always been good at giving head, but since moving in, she had learned my preferences perfectly. Swallow as much as will fit, suck hard while pulling away, kiss and lick the head, then re-swallow while scraping the sides lightly with the teeth. Repeat as needed. It only took a few minutes until I was ready to cum.

"Whoa," I said, "not so fast, Baby Doll. You don't want this to end too soon, do you? We have all night, and I want to use it."

"Oh, spoil-sport! I was just starting to enjoy it. Why do I have to stop now?" Suzi pouted.

"Let's go inside. It'll be more comfortable, and beside, there's something I want to talk about."

"Okay, but you have to leave it hanging out. No tucking it away for modesty."

So, with my hard penis pointing the way, I got out of the car and went inside.

As soon as we were inside, I turned to Suzi and said, "Honey, there's something important I want to talk ab... Mmmph." Suzi had thrown herself into my arms and planted a big juicy kiss on me.

"Enough talk, cowboy! How about a little action?" Suzi growled, and started pulling my shirt off. Then she opened my pants and pushed them to the floor. "That's more like it! Race you to the bedroom!" She said, then turned and ran.

Take it from me, it's not possible to run with your pants around your ankles. "You better be naked when I get there," I shouted after her, as I struggled to get my shoes off. Finally unclothed, I started to running upstairs to the bedroom when the phone rang. I should have let the machine get it, but without thinking, I reached out and answered it.

"What?" I growled.

"Right! And a cheery hello to you too, Dad." It was my son, Ben.

"Not a good time to talk, Son. I'm kinda in a hurry."

"Dad, you're an old goat! I just called to see if you and Suzi would like to go on a picnic with Zoƫ and me tomorrow?"

"Love to, Ben. Have Zoƫ call Suzi in the morning with the details. Good-by," I said, abruptly hanging up.

When I got to the bedroom, Suzi wasn't there. I looked around and found her in the shower. "Hey," I yelled through the shower door, "I thought you were in a hurry."

"Well, Flash, you took so long to get here, I thought I would have time to sober up, have a shower, do my nails, and write a story for Literotica. Who was on the phone?"

Since I was already undressed, I stepped into the shower with her. "It was Ben. He wanted to know if we would like to go on a picnic tomorrow with Zoƫ and himself. I told him to have Zoƫ call you in the morning as we were kind of busy right now."

"Picnic? Sounds like fun. Here, put this soap to good use. Wash me there, and there, and, OHHH, yeah, right there!"

The last was said as I rubbed a soapy hand on her swollen pussy. I love it when Suzi takes a shower before bed, it means she wants oral sex, my second favorite activity.

Suzi rinsed off as I quickly washed. Then we dried each other and ran into the bedroom. "Lie down. I want you to do something for me," said Suzi.

I laid down in the middle of the waterbed. Suzi crawled up over me until she straddled my head and her pussy was right over my mouth. "Okay, big boy, do your thing," she said, lowering herself down.

"Oh, yes," I thought, starting to lick gently, "if I ever die from suffocation, I hope it's this way." I licked softly, I licked hard. I plunged my tongue into her hole, and flicked the tip over her clit. I used my tongue, my lips, and my hands. She showed her appreciation by rubbing herself all over my face. I soon had pussy juice on my cheeks and nose and chin. I reached up and started to play with her tits, pulling on the nipples and rubbing each one hard. Slipping two fingers from the other hand into her cunt, I started sucking hard on her clit.

"Oh, yes, Timmy. Yes! Just like that! Yes!"

With that, she fell off me. Suzi gazed at me through half closed eye lids. "You do know how to show a girl a good time. How do you want me?"

"How about the wall?" I asked.

"I think I'm too tired for the wall. How about something less strenuous?"

"Okay. Lie on your side. Good, now bend the upper leg. See how you like this."

I straddled her lower thigh above the knee and slipped my cock into her. In this position, I was able to fondle her breasts with one hand and hold on to her shoulder with the other hand. Or I could grab her upper leg at the knee, and lift to open her up even more. By rocking my hips back and forth, I set up a steady fucking motion. This was a very comfortable position for Suzi and she was soon rocking her hips back and forth with me. By varying the rhythm I was able to delay my climax until Suzi started to cum again. It's always grand to cum together, or close together, as we did this time. I had barely finished shooting into her than she had her second orgasm.

Rolling off her, I stretched out beside Suzi. She rolled over to lie half on top me. Smiling down on me she said, "I bet your wife was one happy and contented woman. You are the most considerate lover I can imagine."

"Thank you, sweetheart. Giving you pleasure is important to me."

"As is giving you pleasure, Timmy. Now what did you want to talk about?"

"Suzi, I know how much you want a baby. There is one way to get one we haven't discussed. I think, maybe, we should talk about it"

"Tim, I don't want to go to a clinic and be artificially inseminated. The whole idea is repulsive to me. It just seems so cold and impersonal. But thanks. Don't worry, I'll be all right."

"That's not it. I was thinking you could find someone and let him make you pregnant. And, well, that's kinda it."

Suzi just stared at me, looking deep in my eyes. She didn't look angry or hurt, for which I was grateful. But I was unable to tell what she was thinking.

Finally she whispered one word, "no."

"Suzi, I just wanted to ..."

"No, Tim. No. I know what you wanted. I know how you feel about it and I think it's the most loving thing anyone has ever said to me. I'm your woman. I don't want anyone to ever be able to say my children aren't yours. If I have a baby, I want it to look just like you. The same way Ben looks like you. No one must ever doubt my love for you. I don't want anyone to think I've been unfaithful."

I felt like a lout and I felt loved. I felt grateful and relieved, but I was still willing to let her have her dream.

The phone woke us up in the morning. It was Zoƫ calling to make arrangements for our picnic. I let Suzi work things out while I went to make coffee.

"They're going to pick us up in an hour, " Suzi said when she came down. "They're going to park here and we'll take your van."

"What are we taking?"

"Salad, salad dressing, and your coffee. They will supply everything else."

They were right on time. We drove out to Long Lake, found a picnic table, and were set up quickly. Zoƫ had packed everything we might want. She was a wonderful cook, and a sweetheart all around. At 5'4" she was a whole head shorter than Ben and my 6'1". Dark brown hair, brown eyes, dimples on both cheeks, and pouty lips. She was thin, barely weighing 100 lb. with small A cup breasts. Completely different from Suzi's 5'8", blond hair, blue eyes, C cup breasts, and 138 lb. I have always preferred women with meat on their bones.

The first time Zoƫ met me she said, "I can see I'll have to keep the light on to make sure it's Ben coming to bed." Referring to how much Ben looks like me, with the same body shape, and facial features. Zoƫ once suggested tinting my hair back to its original color just to see if people thought Ben and I were twins. I put a stop to that. I earned every one of these gray hairs, no one's taking them away.

Watching Zoƫ and Ben set up the picnic table while Suzi put out the lawn chairs and blanket for sun tanning, the obvious solution became clear. DUH! Now to sell Suzi on it.

"Honey, would you like to take a walk with me?" I asked Suzi. "I'd like to talk about something."

"Hey, you two. Can't you control yourselves for one afternoon?" yelled Ben as we walked away.

"What do you want, Tim? Wanna commune with nature a little?"

"Yes, but not right now. Suzi, let's sit down over there." We sat on a bench beside the trail. "Look, I know what you said last night, and I don't want to upset you, but I think I have a solution."

"I think immaculate conception only worked once, Tim."

"Funny. The obvious answer is Ben. Ben's children will look like him, and he looks just like me. No one will think you've done anything naughty. You'll have a baby and everyone will think I still have 'IT'. Child, grand-child, what difference does it make?"

Suzi was quiet for a few moments. Then she said, "Tim, are you saying you want me to have sex with your son?"

"No. Well, yes. I don't want you to have sex with anyone else, but Ben can make you pregnant, and no one will be the wiser. I'm willing to swallow my pride for you. You mean more to me than my pride."

"Tim, have you asked Ben?"

"No, I just got the idea when we got here. Do you want me to ask?"

"You can ask if you want to. I'm not saying yes, but I'll think about it."

"I'll try to get Ben alone later. I'll try to be subtle."

"Right! You're as subtle as a truck. Just don't embarrass me by letting him think it was my idea."

Back at the picnic table we tried to act like nothing was up. We played some games, ate, went swimming, and laid on the blanket to tan. After a few hours, I asked Ben if he wanted to go for a run. He did, so we left the women to the sun, grabbed the water bottle, and headed off down the path.

We ran for a few kilometers, then slowed to a walk before going back. "It's now or never," I thought.

"Ben, there's something I want to ask you," I said. "You know Suzi wants a baby, and you know I can't give her one. It occurred to me there might be something you can do to help."

"Yeah. What can I do?" asked Ben, as he took a large swig of water.

"I thought you could make Suzi pregnant," I said. My timing was bad, because Ben was so surprised, he gasped, and aspirated some of the water. He spewed out the water and started coughing, hard, and couldn't stop for almost five minutes. When he did finally stop, he was gasping for breath and red faced.

"I don't think I heard right, Dad. Did you say you want me to fuck your girlfriend?"

"That's not how I put it, Son, but, yeah, I guess you could say that."

"No, Dad, I can't. It's not that Suzi isn't sexy, because she is, very, but Zoƫ would kill me. She gets jealous if I talk to another girl. She would never go for this. But thanks for the thought."

"That's okay, Ben. Suzi wasn't that keen on the idea either, but she said I could talk to you about it. Let's go on back."

"Wait a minute. If Suzi was willing to consider it, the least I can do is to talk to Zoƫ about it. I'll let you know, but don't expect anything."

We got back just in time to start packing up and leave. When we got home, I invited Zoƫ and Ben to dinner the next night. They said yes, then left for home.

When Suzi and I were inside, she turned to me and asked, "Did you talk to Ben about, you know, what you said?"

"Yes I did. He said no. But when I told him you might consider it, he said he'd talk to Zoƫ about it. He doubts she'll go for it."

"He's probably right, Tim. Zoƫ and I have had many long talks since I moved in with you. She's a very possessive person, I doubt she would even let Ben kiss another woman, let alone have sex with her. Still, she's sympathetic when I tell her how much I want a baby. Let's see how she reacts to Ben."

"Are you saying you're considering it?"

"I'm willing to see what Zoƫ has to say. Maybe I will. It's still the most unselfish thing I've ever heard anyone offer. There's no doubt you're the sweetest man ever. Certainly the sweetest man I've ever known. Kiss me, lover."

Taking her into my arms, I kissed her with all the passion in me. Taking her by the hand, I lead her to the bedroom, where we made love slowly and gently. We whispered our love for each other as we caressed. Suzi climaxed in my arms with a gasp and a whimper. We slept soundly all night long. We made love again in the morning.

We didn't talk much that day. I think we were both worried that whatever was going to happen that night would change our relationship permanently. We covered our fear in silence, moving around the house as if we were alone. Late that afternoon I could stand it no longer.

"Suzi, please come sit with me," I called out. When she came into the room, I sat her down on the couch and sat down beside her. Taking her hands in mine, I looked into her eyes and said, "Don't be afraid, and don't worry. I would not have made the suggestion if I thought it would break us up. I'm not going to be angry, or hurt, no matter what. This is your dream. Take it if you can." Inside, I was hoping I was telling the truth.

"Thanks, Tim. But I won't decide until I hear what Zoƫ has to say. Right now I don't think I can go with another man and leave you alone." Then she snuggled up under my arm and held me tight. We stayed that way, not speaking, for almost an hour. Then it was time for Ben and Zoƫ to arrive.

Even though I had invited them to dinner, I hadn't prepared anything by the time they arrived. It wasn't very personal, but the best solution was to order out for pizza. While we waited for it to arrive, Suzi set the table, and I got out the beer, wine, and soda. Ben and Zoƫ sat in the front room talking. When the pizza arrived, Ben paid for it and brought it into the kitchen saying, "Dinner is served."

We sat around the table, eating and making small talk. No one wanted to bring up the big subject of the evening. When we finished and were cleaned up, we all went into the front room and sat down. Suzi and I sat on the love seat, while Ben and Zoƫ sat in arm chairs facing us. I looked at Zoƫ and said, "Zoƫ, do you have something to talk to us about?"

Zoƫ stood up and said, "Yes, I do. Suzi, I understand your problem. I've only known you for three months, but I love you like a sister. I would give you anything I could to help make you happy, but the fact is, I don't want to share my man with you."

Relief and disappointment flooded through me.

"So the only solution that seem fair to me is," continued Zoƫ, "Suzi, you go to my house and sleep with Ben, and I will stay here and sleep with Tim."

"WHAT?" I said.

"WHAT?" said Ben.

"WHAT?" said Suzi.

"Well, come on you guys!" said Zoƫ. "Think about it. This is fair! This way, we all take part. No one is left out. Ben, do you think you'll enjoy having sex with Suzi?"

"Well, yeah, sure!" said Ben.

"Okay. Suzi, will you have fun fucking with Ben?"

"Ben's cute. I'm sure I'll enjoy it." said Suzi.

"Tim, is there any reason we shouldn't have some fun while they try to make a baby?" said Zoƫ.

"Zoƫ, this is nice of you to offer, but I didn't mean for you to do something you didn't want to do."

"Suzi," said Zoƫ, "is it always this difficult to talk him into the sack?"

"Never has been," said Suzi. "Zoƫ, I think you're brilliant! This a good and fair solution! I hated the idea of leaving Tim alone, but if I'm going to let anyone have him, I'd rather it be you."

"Then it's settled! Ben, you take Suzi home and do what comes naturally. I'll stay here and comfort Tim."

"Wait a minute," said Ben. "Don't I get a say in this?"

"NO!" said Zoƫ and Suzi together.

Suzi and I want upstairs to get her some overnight things while Ben got ready to go. I've heard that Eskimos say that a woman is the only thing a man can loan to a friend, that will come back better than when she left. I took Suzi into my arms and said, "I hope this doesn't change anything between us."

She looked me straight in the eye and said, "Are you going to fall in love with Zoƫ?"
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