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This is the 6th part of my series 'Sally – The Old Whore Next door'…….

Sally breaks the kiss. 'Oh James, I can taste you when I kiss Trudy. You taste sooooo nice. I think I may have to try a bit of that later!

'I think before you taste me, you should come over here and sit on my cock!' you enthusiastically reply.

'Ooohhh, I like that tone in your voice! You've got yourself a deal!' reply's Sally.

She gives Trudy one last deep kiss, before crawling over to you. She starts licking her way from your feet, getting higher and higher, until she reaches your big, recently re- loaded balls. She looks up at you, seductively smiling, running her talented tongue all over your big balls, licking her way down towards your young asshole, stopping just before reaching it, teasingly licking her was back up to your balls.

She then makes one swift movement, taking the full length of your pole down her throat, sucking and swallowing you in deep.

'Oh my god, I bet that feels nice?!' Trudy slyly asks while moving towards Sally. 'Do you mind if I have another taste to?'

'Oh fuck no! Help yourself!' is all you can reply.

Sally doesn't stop her deep throating, trying to take even more of your young cock down her throat. The feeling of your cock being fully down your sexy older neighbours' throat is like nothing you've ever felt before. Trudy licks your balls, teasing your asshole like Sally did. She then moves up your body, whispering into your ear as she nibbles it 'How would you like to taste my juicy cunt? 'Cause I'm going to ride your face like a cowgirl until I collapse in a screaming orgasm!' She rises up, lifting one leg over your head, kneeling on either side of your face. As you look up all you can see is Trudy's soaking wet cunt, moisture dripping out of her intimate hole and over her puffy pink lips, just asking you to taste! Trudy looks down at you, 'Now lick my fucking cunt boy and make me cum! Drink all my juice! Eat me now!' she yells.

Before you can reply she sits down onto your face, rubbing her wetness all over you. You feel like a drowned rat, covered in the pussy juice of your mature, sexy neighbours horny slut friend.

You lick her box like crazy, moving your head from side to side, up and down, making sure your tongue tastes all of her. She is humping your face like the horny bitch in heat she really is, sliding her wet cunt hard against your face, just as Sally did. They must do this to each other, you think to yourself, the thought adding to the pleasure you are feeling. You then feel Sally's mouth rise from your cock.

'That's it James, maker the fucking bitch come, drink her sweet cunt juice!" Sally says as she lightly licks the full length of your hard cock, 'Doesn't she taste sweet? Mmmmmm I can never get enough of those sticky juices!' With that she dips her finger past your tongue and into Trudy's pussy, thrusting a few times before scooping out a finger full of cunt juice and slurping it down! 'MMMmmmmm honey, that is one wet cunt! He must be eating you good!'

Trudy is really pushing her wet box down hard against your mouth, obviously enjoying the great pleasure your tongue is giving her. She is moaning, talking dirty back to Sally. You love it! All this dirty talk, plus the fact that a beautiful tasting pussy is smothering your face and your cock is being teased and swallowed by two of the most beautiful older women, is turning you on so much, you don't know whether you can last much longer.

Sally tells Trudy to bend forward a little, which he happily does. Then she dips her finger into her pussy again, scooping out more of her juice. Although you cannot see what Sally is doing, you soon find out.

Trudy tenses up, and screams loudly. 'Ahhhhh Goddddd! You dirty bitch! Oh god, your finger feels so good in my ass! Oh yes, that's it finger my asshole! Oh my fucking god! I'm cumming! Eat me you young cunt eater! Finger my asshole you slutty whore! Fucking eat meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! Yeeessssssssssssssssssssss'

'That's is Trudy cum on his face! Drown him with your sticky cunt juice!' Sally encourages as you can feel her work her finger deeply into Trudy's asshole. Trudy continues to spasm and shake for several minutes, before finally calming down.

She is still sitting on your face, but only lightly now, still rocking, slowly back and forth. Sally has taken her finger out of Trudy's ass, making her relax even more. She is just enjoying the after shakes of her enormous orgasm. Just as you think the excitement is dying down, Sally impales her hot wet cunt on your cock with a long moan of pure pleasure.

You moan loudly into Trudy's quivering pussy, partially by the sudden surprise, but also by the pleasure. You can tell that Sally is extremely horny and almost ready to cum. Her pussy is drenched, so much so that you can feel her juices running onto your balls. Trudy turns her head, to see what is happening, then with a look of passion on her face hops off your face and moves towards sally. They kiss passionately, tongues playing in each other's mouths, moaning. They finally break the kiss, gasping for air.

'Thank you Sally. He is one hot young stud and boy is he one good pussy licker! And by the looks of it, that big cock can cause some serious pleasure to!' Trudy says to Sally, whilst kissing and nibbling her neck.

'Oh your welcome…..Oohhhhhh, fuckkkk …..Trudy honey, anytime! What's mine… Ohhhhhh, mmmmmmmm……… is yours……oohhhhhh' Sally tries to say in between moaning. She is close to cumming. You know by that look in her eye and the way she is slamming her hairy cunt down on your fuck pole. '

You have been pretty quiet, so you decide to add your bit to the threesome 'Come on Sally, slam your fucking cunt down hard! Can you feel my big cock splitting your old hairy cunt hole? Do you like that?' You say as you thrust into her even harder. 'Come on you old horny slut, cum on my cock! Fucking shake and cum all over my cock! I'm gonna shoot my big load deep into your cunt hole any second now, so fucking cum bitch!'

'Oh my godddd! You're fucking good you young fucking stud! I'm gonna cum on your cock!! Ooohhhhhhhh, YYYessssssssssssss, fuuuckkkkkkk! Spray my insides with your cum you bastard! Cum in me! Shoot it deep into my cunt!!!!!!!!' Sally screams, shaking as she starts to cum like never before. It's too much for you. The feeling of her tight cunt muscles spasming around your cock and the sight of her shaking in orgasm, and Trudy sucking her big tits triggers your own orgasm. You moan loudly thrusting up hard, deep into her cunt, lifting your ass and sally up off the ground as you shoot your cum as deep as you can into her tight, hairy fuck hole!

……more to cum in part 7…….

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