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Returning from their cruise, Monique flew back to the West coast to be with her daughter and new grandson. Gary waited to hear from her when she returned in two weeks. The time passed slowly and he was anxious to be with Monique again. They had been a perfect couple during the cruise and they had so much more to experience together. Neither of them was in love with the other, it was just that they loved being together and making love. Sex was the glue that bound them to one another and Gary was lonely for his lover. He received a card from Monique telling him that she was going to extend her visit for a few more days.

Gary was disappointed, but there was little he could do. After all, most Mothers were usually with their daughters when the daughter gave birth. The days seemed to crawl along, but finally the phone rang and it was Monique. "How much trouble did you get into while I was gone?" she asked instead of saying hello.

"How much trouble can a seventy year old guy get into?" he replied, "Hell, most young women I know want to stay up after eight o'clock in the evening…I can't imagine why." Monique laughed and told him she missed him, but family came first. "I understand," Gary told her.

She told him that she had landed at the airport and was hoping to come visit him, if it was all right. "After all," she teased, "it is nearly eight o'clock." Gary laughed and told her he would welcome her anytime. As it turned out, Monique was calling from a taxi that was nearing Gary's home. Within minutes she was ringing his doorbell. He opened the door and Monique embraced him to kiss him passionately. Gary closed the door, took her hand and led her to his den.

"Some Blush?" he asked, Monique smiled and nodded, yes. Gary went to the kitchen to get the wine returning to hand her a glass of the pinkish dry wine. Monique told him all about her new grandson and, of course brought out the customary grandmotherly photos of the new baby. Gary looked at her exuberance for life and was pleased that he had found her. He decided to build a fire in the fireplace since the evening air was a bit chilly. When he finished he turned to see Monique looking dreamily at him. He could sense her need for sex as his own arousal became evident. Gary popped two Viagra in his mouth and swallowed them with his wine. "You're a naughty granny, staying away for a week longer than you first said," he told her in a playfully stern voice.

"Yes, my love…I am naughty," she replied eagerly sensing where Gary was going with this.

Gary brought a straight-backed chair and placed it near the fireplace. "Strip naked now!" he ordered her in a mock angry tone, "Naughty grannies need to be spanked!" Monique quickly stood up and unbuttoned her dress letting it fall to the floor. She stepped out of it to stand wearing only her red bikini panties and a lacy red bra. She hooked her thumbs into her panties and pulled them down and stepped away from them. Gary caught a whiff of her scent as he looked at her moist pussy. Her hands unclasped her bra, in the front, revealing her marvelous breasts.

"Undress me, now!" he commanded her. Monique moved seductively to him and removed his shirt, pants and underwear. She kneeled to kiss the head of his cock and licked his balls in homage to her 'Master'. Gary sat in the chair and called to her to lie across his lap. Excitedly, Monique obeyed and lay down with her belly across his thighs. Her breasts pointed towards the floor with nipples hard, erect and sensitive. He looked down at her lovely asscheeks and spread her legs apart slightly. His hard-on was huge, he placed it between her thighs against her pussy and she trembled with anticipation.

Monique closed her warm thighs tightly around his cock as Gary's prick throbbed with excitement. He bent down to kiss each of her asscheeks and draw his tongue all about them wetting them with his saliva. Monique moaned delightfully as his tongue graced her asscheeks. Gary spread his thighs apart so his left thighs lay against the underside of her breasts. She twitched when she felt his warm thigh touch her breasts. Monique waited patiently for her 'punishment' to begin. She gave a start when his palm slapped her asscheek forcefully, but without real pain…just a good hurt on her lovely ass.

She moaned with pleasure as he struck her ass again, leaving a bright pink palm print. "Oh God, 'Master', I love it so!" she declared, as his palm pummeled her asscheeks again. She clasped her warm thighs tighter around his hard-on, positioning herself so his cock was tight against her pussy as he spanked her. "Ummmmm," she moaned, "I've been so naughty, 'Master Gary'," she said playfully as the sounds of a palm slapping flesh punctuated the room. Monique's pussy seeped heavily with her juices, wetting Gary's cock and balls as well as his thighs.

Her ass was very warm and lightly burning with a bright crimson shade. She breathed hard and moaned with delight. He spread her asscheeks apart to reveal her rosebud nestled between the cleft of her asscrack. Gary wet his finger in her cunt juices and lightly applied the moisture to her asshole. She moaned and twitched as he touched it. He bent over to blow air on her wet asshole. Monique trembled and cried out. Wetting his finger again, he slowly inserted it into her asshole up to the first knuckle. She moaned gleefully and begged for more.

Gary began to finger fuck her asshole while she writhed in pleasure. His other hand found her breasts to toy with her nipples. Monique groaned with lust and passion as he fingered fucked her asshole. He gently rolled and tugged at her nipples too. Gary could feel her pussy twitching against his cock as he played with her tits and asshole. The bright crimson asscheeks diminished in color and he withdrew his finger from her asshole to spank her ass again with a bit more force than before. Monique was completely captivated as she submitted to his will, her ass smarting a bit, but aching for more.

Gary accommodated her perversion with slightly harder spanks, which now heated and slightly burned her lovely asscheeks. "Oooooo…yesssss…more…more," she cried out as her flesh smarted lustfully from his hand. His thighs, cock and balls were drenched with her nectar when he suddenly stopped spanking her and ordered her to cleanse him. Monique got up to kneel between his spread thighs and proceeded to lick his thighs free of her juices. Quickly, she moved to his balls and licked the coating of cunt juices from them, saving his cock for last. She drew down his foreskin and slathered her tongue all about his cockshaft, before licking his bulbous cockhead clean.

Gary's sensitive cock oozed thick clear pre-cum and she licked it clean then milked his cock for more. He stood up and had her crawl to a huge leather armchair and lie on her back with each of her legs over an arm of the chair. The cool leather soothed her smarting asscheeks as she laid back into the chair. Gary pulled his belt from his pants and folded it so the leather belt formed a loop. Ordering her to shut her eyes, he waited for her to comply then swatted her pussy lightly with the belt! Monique gave a start and whimpered, but kept her legs spread wide.

The next blow splattered her juices upon impact with her cunt. She wailed softly, but clearly wanted more. Gary spanked her pussy repeatedly with the leather belt. Monique moaned her pleasure and begged for more. Carefully, Gary aimed at her erect and swollen clit as he landed several swats directly upon it. Monique gasped with deep pleasure and lifted her ass to expose more of her clit to the leather. He sensed correctly that Monique was being driven headlong into her first orgasm of the night as the belt repeatedly swatted her pussy. Gary dropped the belt and began to spank her drenched pussy with his hand, adding to her pleasure and delight. He wet his finger of his other hand in her juices and fully inserted it into her quivering asshole.

Her breathing was more pronounced and labored as her clit stood proud and erect, withstanding blow after blow from his hand. Monique closed her eyes and pulled at her nipples while moaning nearly continuously. Gary continued to spank her sweet cunt with his hand, while finger fucking her asshole too.. Finally, her clit and pussy could take no more and she screamed as she exploded in a massive 'pain' induced orgasm! She bucked, jerked, shuddered and came again and again. Gary dropped between her thighs to cover her pussy with his mouth to torment her clit as she spasmed in orgasm repeatedly. She moaned continuously as he licked her clit and spewed her juices onto his face, mouth and tongue each time she would cum. Gary could feel her asshole clenching hard at his finger each time she spasmed and came.

Monique reached a point where she could stand no more of being ravished and she released her fingers from her nipples, dropped her arms to her sides and laid still, gasping for air. Gary looked at his lover, red assed, with a crimson pussy and juices cascading from her sweet cunt. Eyes closed, she licked her lips with total and complete satisfaction, even as her cunt and ass smarted from the spanking. Her eyes fluttered open and she smiled at Gary saying, "Oh Gary…I loved that sooo much," she gasped, " I so missed a 'jolly good spanking' as the British say." Gary leaned into her to kiss her lips, probed for her tongue and gently swirled his finger in her ass before removing it.

Rising, while she lay in the chair trying to compose her self, Gary moved to his desk in the corner of the room. Opening a drawer, he brought out an elastic cord with a clamp on each end and two other elastic cords with clamps on one end, and slip knots on the other. Gary commanded Monique to kneel with her back straight and her arms at her sides. He stood in front of her and swung his hips from side to side as his massive hard-on struck her face, lips and cheeks. Placing the elastic cord with clamps on both ends, around her neck, the clamps lay on the tops of her breasts, inches from her nipples.

Gary cupped her breast with his palm and lifted it up so the clamp was touching her nipple. The clamps had been altered to weaken the springs to lessen the effect on her nipples. They could still be felt, but the springs would not tighten hard around the nipple. Still, one knew that they were there, when worn. He clamped her nipple lightly and the lifted the other breast so the other nipple touched the clamp. Gary clamped her other nipple then released her breasts. Monique moaned in discomfort and pleasure as the clamps pulled her nipples and breasts upwards, suspending them from the elastic cord. "Now, naughty one," Gary told her, "The weight of your tits and gravity will 'pleasure' your nipples and breasts to your hearts content." Monique moaned joyfully in the predicament she found her self.

Gary placed the other elastic cords between her thighs and lightly clamped each of her cuntlips. These clamps too, had been altered to lessen the effect. He pulled the elastic cord clamped to her right cuntlip, to her left big toe, and looped the slipknot over her big toe. He did the same with her left cuntlip and the slipknot over her left big toe. The cords and clamps pulled and stretched her cuntlips delightfully. Monique was content, bearing her submission proudly and stoically. Although the clamps and cords hurt a little, it was a good hurt and she loved it. "Thank you, 'Master'," she said quietly, blowing him a kiss, "This slave girl deserves her punishment." Gary lifted her head gently and kissed her lips passionately, probing for her tongue.

Gary kneeled and embraced her, pressing his chest against her clamped tits increasing her 'pleasure'. "Play with my cock," he ordered her. Monique raked her fingernails down the length of his body until her fingers clasped his cock. She lightly drew her fingers all about it, causing him to ooze thick clear pre-cum. As Gary moaned, Monique bent to his cock to kiss his cockhead and lick the pre-cum from his cockhole. She looked up and kissed him before returning to lick and suck his cock. Gary waited until she paused then stood up for Monique to nuzzle his balls with her face.

She opened her mouth wide to take in one of his testicles to lick and suck it while fondling the other one. She pulled her head back slightly to let the testicle pop out of her mouth so she could suck in the other one. "Mmmmmmm, sooo good, 'Master Gary'," she said as she tried, but failed to get both of his balls into her mouth at the same time. Gary took her hand and pulled her gently to her feet. The elastic cords on her cuntlips and toes stretched causing more discomfort standing than when she knelt. Gary unclamped her cuntlips and kneeled to lick them and soothe them with his tongue while Monique moaned delightfully. Her nectar flowed copiously and Gary licked her juices happily.

Freed from the confining cuntlip clamps, Monique breathed deeply, her heaving breasts pulling on her nipple clamps causing her to wince. Gary kneeled behind her to lick her bright crimson asscheeks soothing her warm recently spanked ass. She sighed and reached down to rub her clit while Gary drew his tongue all about her asscheeks. Spreading her asscheeks, Gary licked her asshole to gather her nectar that had coated her sweet rosebud. Monique moaned happily and clenched her asscheeks together holding his face between her asscheeks momentarily.

Gary stood and turned her around to face him, as he embraced her kissing her neck, shoulder and earlobe. Monique sighed with pleasure as his tongue moved to lick her breasts, still held fast by the nipple clamps. When both breasts were completely coated with his saliva, Gary removed the right nipple clamp and covered the nipple with his mouth. Monique groaned with discomfort as her nipple filled with blood restoring circulation, but Gary's tongue quickly soothed it. He released the first nipple from his mouth to remove the second clamp. Gary tongued her other nipple as well to soothe the slight hurt from the clamp.

Monique's hands grasped his cock and balls to fondle them again. Gary held her nipples gently pulling her towards him as he backed to the armchair and sat down. Monique, fully aroused and frantic with desire, kneeled between his legs to suck his cock. She pulled his foreskin back to reveal the sensitive purplish pink cockhead and kissed it all over, licking the sensitive spot in front repeatedly. Gary moaned and trembled as Monique's expert tongue lavishly covered every bit of his sensitive cockhead. His pre-cum flowed heavily from his cockhole and Monique allowed it to flow nearly to his balls before scooping it into her mouth with her tongue.

Monique arose to sit on his lap. Her wonderful tits rubbed his face and Gary quickly set about to love them individually with his tongue. She gasped in pleasure and whined as he set off tiny electric shocks in her clit as he nibbled and sucked her sweet tits. Monique held his head to her breasts kissing his forehead and eyelids as he suckled her nipples. Gary's hard-on pressed against her belly, half buried in her bush. She gyrated her hips to send wonderful sensations through Gary's cock nestled against her warm belly. Monique raised Gary's face from her breasts and kissed him deeply, "I love how you make love to me, Gary," she told him, pushing her tongue into his mouth.

She lifted her hips and his hard upright cock pointed at her pussy as she hovered above his manhood. Slowly she lowered herself until his cockhead touched her wet cuntlips. Still kissing him, Monique reached to her cunt to spread her nether lips and lower her self onto his cockhead. Gary's cock throbbed as the warm inner folds of her pussy gathered about his cockhead. "Mmmmmmm," she moaned, as ever so slowly she allowed his cock to penetrate her pussy until her clit was buried in his bush. "Ahhhh," she gasped as she was filled completely. She hugged him tightly, sat on his cock for a few minutes and just clenched and released it until he could hardly stand anymore.

Gary lunged his hips upward, penetrating deeper than ever before into her sweet pussy. Monique gasped as she began to rise and fall on his magnificent cock. She kind of hummed and moaned into his ear as they fucked slowly, their genitals making a barely audible squishy sound. Gary's lap was drenched in the juices from her sopping wet pussy. Monique kept her forehead glued to Gary's as she had her eyes closed to fully relish, their fucking. Gary played with her nipples, gently tugging and rolling them between his thumbs and forefingers. The only sounds were the fire in the fireplace, Monique's moaning and humming and the low occasional squish of their fucking.

Monique controlled the pace, slowing a bit to keep either of them from cumming too soon. She rotated her hips and smiled at her lover as the pleasure consumed her. It felt so wonderful to make love with this magnificent man who had come into her life to 'save' her from loneliness. She kissed him often as they fucked, moaning the enjoyment of each other as they made love. Gary too felt totally gratified with how his lover satisfied his sexual desires, as if she had known him for years. Everything about their relationship seemed to fit and revolve around each other's sexual needs. Monique felt the first pangs of orgasm rising in her loins as she smiled at her lover. Gary sensed that Monique was near cumming and felt his own orgasm beginning to build swiftly.

Monique breathed harder and quickened her pace. He could feel her pussy twitching as she fucked him faster in preparation for her orgasm. "Ahhhhhhhhhh," she moaned louder as her pussy reached the zenith of their union. "OH, GOD!" she screamed and exploded into a convulsive hard orgasm. Her body shuddered, cumming each time Gary's cock rubbed her clit. He thrust deeply as she kept rotating her hips, exacting every bit of pleasure from her cumming. Her juices cascaded from her pussy, flooding Gary's lap. The warm cum nectar from her cunt bathed his balls driving Gary over the edge.

"Ohhhhhhh, my God!" he groaned as his cock shot a huge volley of warm thick white cum deep into her pussy. Monique screamed as the warm cum washed through her cunt sending her into orgasm again. He blasted wad after wad of warm cum deep into her clutching cunt. Cum oozed from her pussy, flowing over his balls and on to coat his asshole. His balls contracted several more times blasting out his thick cum to fill her to overflowing. Monique groaned and collapsed onto Gary, gasping for air and groaning incomprehensively. Gary held her tightly as he too felt the strength sap from his body.

They sat in the chair wrapped in each other's arms, struggling to breathe and fighting the urge to pass out from the intensity of their cumming. They tried to talk, but their tongues could not form the words. Their only sounds were soft moans and whimpers as they sought to regain their senses. Finally, Monique managed to blurt out softly, "Oh Gary…Gary…I…I love the way you fuck me, sweet Gary." Gary was unable to respond as his massive orgasm had completely drained his ability to speak clearly. He breathed hard and swallowed several times before he finally spoke.

"I don't believe I came that hard, sweet one," he gasped, "You are totally incredible, Monique. Just incredible!" He breathed deeply then said, "I don't think I can get up…everything I had shot out of me," he said as he sighed deeply. "I feel totally exhausted."

"Me too, lover," Monique whispered as she snuggled closer to him, his cock still inside her. "I can't keep my eyes open. I'm so spent, Gary." She managed to kiss his neck then said, "I loved the way you spanked and dominated me. It felt so good and right." Gary kissed her cheek, barely able to keep his eyes open too. "Next time it's my turn to be in control…ok, my lover?" she said wearily. "I'm going to doze off, Gary…do you mind lover?" she said with her eyes closed. She didn't wait for an answer as she melted in his lap and was fast asleep before Gary could answer her. Gary reached for the blanket he kept next to the chair to cover Monique and part of himself. He kissed her cheek and joined her in a well deserved slumber.

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